Amanda Baker (1994)


Actor, Singer

Amanda Baker graduated from Middlebury in 1994 with a joint major in theatre and women’s studies.  She performed in touring and stock theatrical productions across the eastern half of the country in her first decade or so out of Middlebury, moving from Boston to New York City in 2000, and has since divided her time between acting, cabaret and studio singing, knitting, social dance, and a variety of “day jobs,” including her present role supporting a team of in-house lawyers at a global risk management firm.  Amanda’s performance career/addiction is rooted in her love of reading, storytelling, and song.  Favorite past roles include Elmire in Tartuffe, Petra in A Little Night Music, Lydia in The Rivals, Mrs. Johnstone in Blood Brothers, and Martha in The Secret Garden.  Having opted out of auditioning the past few years in favor of a steady income, she’s now contemplating a foray into recording audio-books with the enthusiastic support of her partner and accomplice, Mac.  She also enjoys getting riled up on social media and promoting social justice issues such as reproductive autonomy, sex and consent education, and improved training and accountability for law enforcement to overcome systemic race and gender bias and strengthen support for victims of trafficking, sexual assault and domestic violence.

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