Molli Freeman-Lynde (2008)


Immigration Attorney

Molli Freeman-Lynde graduated from Northeastern University School of Law in May 2016, where she focused on immigration law and criminal defense. While in law school she gained experience in criminal defense and its intersection with immigration clerking for the public defender’s office, and worked on a wide range of immigration matters, including deportation defense, asylum, and family-based immigration clerking for two different immigration law firms in Boston. She is excited to have her first job as an attorney at an immigration law firm in Boston. She hopes to use her legal skills to help immigrants to the U.S. maneuver the complex, burdensome, often nonsensical immigration laws. She lives in Cambridge with her teenage sister-in-law Tamara, who tries to keep Molli up to date on social media, pop culture, and fashion, not an easy task.

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