Alex Strott (2014.5)


High School English Teacher

After graduating with a Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies degree in January of 2015, Alex returned to her hometown of Baltimore City to teach. She is currently in her second year as an 11th grade English teacher at the historic Frederick Douglass High School. When she’s not lesson planning, grading, making phone calls, or dealing with the general bureaucracy that is the public education system, she enjoys writing, eating, checking out art, being a “nasty woman,” and the occasional full nights sleep. While at Midd, Alex lived in the Queer Studies House, worked as a Chellis House monitor, and served as a founding member of the MiddSafe Safe and Confidential Advocates group and hotline. She hopes one day soon to return to her senior work “Driving Myself Crazy: A Feminist Meditation on Panic and Embodiment,” the title of which probably says more about her than any bio blurb ever could.

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