Project Team: Kirsten Hoving, Kirk Horton, Tevan Goldberg, Sam Kudman, Danny Padilla, Kristin Richards, Scott Waller, Danielle Weindling, Rachel Kang

About: “This exhibition features seventy-one photographs drawn primarily from the Museum’s rich holdings of historic and contemporary photography. Several years in the making, Land and Lens was curated by Kirsten Hoving, Professor of History of Art, with the assistance of numerous students in her classes, interns, and research assistants.

Instead of publishing an exhibition catalogue to be read after visiting the museum, Professor Hoving has produced a digital catalogue to be accessed on the spot as visitors make their way through the exhibition. You can use one of the Museum’s iPads to learn more about the works on view, or you can access information on your own tablet or horizontally-held smart phone. Headsets are available to enable you to listen without disturbing others.

In the digital catalogue you will find short videos that will enlarge your understanding of an artist or a specific photograph; written descriptions of photographic processes or environmental contexts; discussion of the art historical context for photographs; and interpretations of artists’ works through original music composed and performed by Middlebury College students. Short explanations of photographic processes are also available.

William Wegman (1943 – ), October 1981, Rangeley, Maine, 1981, dye transfer print. Middlebury College Museum of Art. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Perry, 1984.024. Courtesy William Wegman

The photographs have been grouped into eight sections, each indicative of issues reflected in the individual works. As you enter a section of the exhibition, please be sure to access the accompanying information provided in the digital catalogue.

This project was supported by a grant from the Andrew J. Mellon Foundation and the Digital Liberal Arts Initiative at Middlebury College. Additional funding was provided by the Committee on the Arts, the Director for the Arts, and the Department of History of Art and Architecture.”