The Power of Surrounding Yourself with People Who Care

Jun 21st, 2019 | By | Category: BLTN NextGen, NextGen Louisville, Summer 2019

by Princess Warfield

Princess Warfield (Louisville, KY) plans on attending Kentucky State University in the fall, where she hopes to study psychology–she sees a future for herself as a therapist or a life coach. She likes to listen to music and dance her heart out in her spare time.

One day last December, I was sitting in my math class at Fern Creek High School when my friend Jacolby and I started to talk about the less fortunate. It was getting close to Christmas, and instead of wondering what Santa was going to leave under my tree, I was worried about what wouldn’t be under someone else’s. So we decided to ask our senior class sponsor, Mrs. Abell, if any seniors would be willing donate Christmas gifts to kids in need at Fern Creek Elementary, which shared a campus with our high school.. So it would only be a short walk away to get the contributed items over to the children. She loved the idea and it was successful. Many students and teachers helped contribute, and now it will become a tradition that the upcoming senior class will follow.

Shortly after Christmas break, my English class was given the assignment to make a community action plan. Once again, the less fortunate came to mind. It is freezing outside, I thought to myself–all those people walking around or stuck outside with no gloves, scarves, or even socks. I had all that and was still freezing! So I explained my point of view to my group and they loved it. A few of my group members were less fortunate themselves (they explained this to me privately). So I asked my sister to come with me and help pay for extra needs to pick up what the others could not afford. The turnout was great! In fact, it was so good that the director of Beulah Presbyterian Church came up to Fern Creek High School to personally thank our group.

Next thing I knew, I was selected to go to Navajo Nation Conference and to be a part of the BTLN NextGen community. Before going on the trip, I had never heard of BTLN NextGen and didn’t know what to expect,  and didn’t think it would be so meaningful. Picture this: going to a conference where being accepted is a promise. Surrounding yourself with people who care about the world as much as you do. Learning about problems in the world you never knew existed. Finding things out about yourself that you didn’t know about yourself. If you’ve met me in person you know I’m an outgoing, talkative, always-dancing kind of young lady. But I am also shy in new situations…well I was at least until BTLN NextGen challenged me to not become a better me but to bring out the best of me and to use that and pour it back into my community and the world.

Coming home from the Navajo Nation conference, I was sad. It was so refreshing and so healing to be surrounded by people who are like me—oung leaders who care about the bettering of other people and the world. This experience has shown me there are others in the world who also want to make positive changes. It is so inspiring and encouraging to know the power that can be found in surrounding yourself with people like those found in the BTLN NextGen community.

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