Laura Benton’s List of Technology Tools

Jul 16th, 2014 | By | Category: Bringing it Back, Spring 2014

Ed.: Here is a set of digital tools Laura Benton recommended at the time of our interview. What would you add? 

  • (free online class platform)
  • (program which allows teachers to upload lists and students are prompted with questions)
  • Modzilla Popcorn/Media Maker ( Examples: )
  • Google docs (Word processor, presentation app etc.)
  • (Easy to set up chatlog)
  • iBooks/ iBooks Author
  • Bookry (A free widget library that can make interactive media and embed it in iBooks Author)
  • Zite (a make your own magazine based on interests app)
  • Storehouse (integrated media app)
  • Notability (note taking, highlighting app. Allows students to annotate a pdf document and sync with Dropbox or Google Docs)
  • iMovie (movie creation app)
  • Prezi (presentation app)
  • Timetoast (interactive timeline website)
  • (interactive infograph creator)
  • Searchlights and Sunglasses (free Journalism textbook developed by Missouri State University)

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