Twenty Ways to Celebrate BLTN’s 20th Anniversary

Sep 6th, 2013 | By | Category: BLTN Teachers, Issue
—by Dixie Goswami, Director of the Bread Loaf Teacher Network
  1. Introduce BLTN and the world to children, young people, and teachers whose energy, ideas, and accomplishments explain why BLTN continues to matter at Bread Loaf, in schools, communities, and individual lives.
  2. Add an entry to the impressive BLTN bibliography by sending your citation to
  3. Create your story of BLTN in English classrooms with words, images, a mash-up or remix: post and publish.
  4. Organize a Skype or FaceTime meeting or a BLTN webinar.
  5. Post BLTN Journal and BLSE links to your district, state, or network website.
  6. Like us on Facebook at
  7. Design or join a BLTN collaborative project that’s deeply traditional or new and emerging.
  8. Argue that all teachers and students should have networks like BLTN to join if they choose.
  9. Start a BLTN digital media reading/writing club.
  10. Write about a Bread Loaf course that influences your teaching.
  11. Learn about Navajo Kentuckians and the case for food literacy: connect.
  12. With your students, lead a poetry slam, a critical literacy workshop, or another BLTN activist activity in or out of school.
  13. Write a newsflash or a full-length article for the BLTN Journal.
  14. Form a BLTN research team with your students to study a subject of their choice related to their in-school or out-of-school education.
  15. Organize a BLTN reunion.
  16. Travel to Boston for the 2013 NCTE Conference.
  17. Visit Mary Guerrero’s El Taller in Lawrence, MA.
  18. Study at Bread Loaf in 2014.
  19. Establish a BLTN writing center with peer tutors in your classroom, school, or community.
  20. Add to this list via the comment section below.

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