Majarra – Exoplanets and Ethnoastronomy

Mittelman Observatory is proud to announce the opening of the exhibit “Majarra: Exoplanets & Ethnoastronomy” by Eva Bod ’20. Please visit go/majarra.

This exhibit features original art that explores both the new frontier of exoplanet discovery and ethnoastronomical stories of the sky — examining, visualizing, and contextualizing both modern cutting-edge discoveries of new worlds as well as diverse historical and cultural cosmological views of the Universe.

The art project that serves as the foundation for this exhibit has been two years in the making. Creator Eva Bod ’20 was an artist in residence at the Observatory and graduated with a major in Sociology and Anthropology. Eva pursued numerous interdisciplinary opportunities that bridged the humanities and the sciences while at Middlebury.

The online exhibit can now be enjoyed at the link above. The physical exhibit will be opening soon.

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