What’s on tap for well-being…Weeks of October 12 and 19, 2020?

“The radical acceptance of all of our emotions, even the messy, difficult ones, is the cornerstone to resilience, thriving, and true, authentic happiness.” — Susan David

Strength & Core with Kim: Join Kim Jacobs, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for a 45-minute total body strength training class using hand weights and resistance bands in the comfort and safety of your home. Just two sessions per week, performed consistently will increase your strength, support your joints and increase your flexibility. This class emphasizes functional strength exercises to improve your movement in life. It is helpful for participants to have hand weights (one set of heavy weights and another of light) and a set of resistance bands.  Mondays and Wednesdays 7:15-8:00 am EST.  To sign up for this class email Kim at kim@bfitvt.com

10 Tips for exercising with type II diabetes: Join Nicole Williams, Certified Exercise Physiologist from The Edge to learn safe and effective ways to be active with type II diabetes.  Learn how exercise can improve insulin sensitivity and blood glucose levels, the importance of a consistent exercise routine, recommended physical activity for people living with type II diabetes, appropriate types of exercise and how to get started.  Wednesday, October 14th.  noon – 1 pm EST.  Preregistration required.  Click here to register. 
Mindful Pause book discussion group: This 4-week program invites you to engage in the Guided Resilience approach to well-being as described in Cami Smalley’s Amazon best-selling book, “Mindful Pause: A Self-Care Guide to Resilience and Well-Being.”  Learn to tap into your hero capacities! Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, Optimism, Energy, and Strengths are evidence-based capacities that protect and promote your resilience and well-being. Each chapter of Mindful Pause walks you through the steps to target holistic change that has the power to improve vitality and ultimately, satisfaction, in the ways you live, work, and relate in the world. Over the course of the four weeks you will receive:

  • Four 60 min sessions via Zoom
  • 15 minutes at the end of each session with Coach Cami for questions and group coaching support
  • Professional group coaching support to help integrate new behaviors successfully into your busy lifestyle
  • Access to professional coaching platform for accountability and goal-setting support

Wednesdays, October 14th though the 28th.  4:00 – 5:00 pm EST.  Space is limited so preregistration is required.  To register, contact Rebecca Schubert at Rebecca.schubert@gmhec.org by 5 pm EST on Tuesday, October 13th.  You can order your copy of Mindful Pause: A Self-Care Guide to Resilience and Well-Being by Coach Cami on Amazon (paperback $12.99) or Kindle ($2.99 reduced price during current pandemic) You do not need a kindle reader…only the app on your device.
Live financial forum: Debt & savings:  This is a great time of year to focus on debt and saving issues since the holidays are right around the corner. Join the expert money coaches from My Secure Advantage to get answers to your questions related to investing, mortgages, retirement and more.  Preregistration required.  Thursday, October 22nd noon-1 pm EST.  Click here to register.  This webinar is open to everyone.  Middlebury College faculty and staff do have access to free money coaching through MSA.  To learn more see the “Financial Well-being” section of the well-being resource guide here
Essential Leadership Skills: Join the experts from New Directions Behavioral Health (NDBH) and become a more versatile and skilled leader by connecting with the fundamentals of powerful leadership. Assess your current strengths and challenges with the goal of enhancing your current skillset. Wednesday, October 21st.  Two sessions available:  noon-1 pm or 3:00-4:00 pm EST.  Registration required.  Click here to register.  NDBH is the EAP provider for Champlain College, Middlebury College and St. Michael’s but this session is available to faculty and staff from all GMHEC colleges. 

Organization for Life: Is your motto “organized chaos”? If you crave organization but struggle to achieve it, this webinar is for you.  Join the experts from New Directions Behavioral Health and come away with practical tips to overhaul your organization skills.  This session is available to faculty and staff from all GMHEC colleges.  Wednesday, October 28th.  Two sessions available:  noon-1 pm or 3:00-4:00 pm EST.  Registration required.  Click here to register.  

Wellness Strategies to Mitigate Isolation Among a Dispersed Workforce: As organizations worldwide continue to work remotely to protect the physical health of employees from the threat of COVID-19, another more insidious threat has presented itself to the workforce.  While critically important in these uncertain times, social distancing has increased feelings of isolation for individuals worldwide—and studies have shown it can significantly harm mental, emotional and physical health. Join Dr. David Batman, an internationally known expert on work-related health issues with over 30 years of experience in occupational medicine for this can’t miss webinar.  In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Ways in which isolation can impact mental wellbeing, physical health and performance
  • Steps that workplaces can take to help mitigate the negative health effects of isolation on employees and productivity
  • Actions individuals can take to mitigate the effects of isolation and build their resilience
  • Ways to promote social connections and protect the organizational culture in a safe and socially distant manner

Tuesday, October 20th noon – 1pm EST.  Preregistration required.  Click here to register.

Commit to get fit: The next Edge online 90 Day Commit to Get Fit Program will be kicking off on Wednesday, October 21st and there is still time to register.  This comprehensive online wellness program is designed to provide an education to enrich your life and help you become healthier. Over the course of 13 weeks you will work with a health coach, a Registered Dietitian and a personal trainer to support you to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors. Topics will include fitness, nutrition, stress management and behavior modification. This program will help you build a customized wellness plan, reduce your health risk factors, reduce body fat and gain muscle, practice stress management and learn how to eat right and stay on track.   There is a fee associated with this program, but a portion may be covered by your health insurance and GMHEC will kick in a portion of the payment.  Sessions will be held on Wednesdays from 6:00-7:00 pm ESTTo learn more, contact Nicole Williams, Director of The Edge Preventative Care at NWilliams@edgevt.com.

EDGE Next Steps Nutrition & Exercise to Improve Type II Diabetes Program:  Do you have type II diabetes?  Would you like to gain the knowledge and confidence to improve your health?  If so, join the team from The Edge for this comprehensive eight-week program focused on the positive impact of nutrition and exercise to improve Type II Diabetes.  Over the course of the 8 weeks you will get: 

  • Weekly virtual group nutrition sessions
  • 3 one on one virtual nutrition sessions with a Registered Dietitian
  • Pre and Post Health Risk Assessment Screenings
  • In home or EDGE Exercise Plan designed by a certified exercise specialist
  • Access to discounted EDGE membership
  • Meal and Recipe Ideas to fuel your body and improve your insulin sensitivity

This program may be FULLY covered by your insurance plan.  Mondays, November 2nd through December 21st.  6:00-7:00 pm EST.  For more information or to reserve your spot contact genavix@edgevt.com or 802-951-2320.  Learn more about this program here

Curious to hear from parents…. In your experience and/or from what you’re hearing from other working parents, what are some of your most pressing challenges right now? What might help you cope better? What might help you effectively manage through what you’re facing and feel more empowered and positive while doing it?  I’m interested in pulling together resources and/or a support group to address your concerns and support your well-being though this most challenging time and am asking for your input.  Please reach out to me at rebecca.schubert@gmhec.org.  Your input in most appreciated.  Thank you.

And as always…. Lunch-time fitness classes and yoga continue.  Jump in and join us for some movement.