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360 Parenting

Total Parenting Support You Can Count On Anytime, Any Day

As commitments to your children abound, finding time to pay the bills, meet work demands, practice self-care, nurture relationships and satisfy our own intellectual curiosity can be a challenge. Whether you’re a mother, father, biological parent, adoptive parent, step-parent, single parent, first-time parent, or empty-nester, LifeScope has something for everyone!

LifeScope appreciates all you have to juggle and can assist you from all angles.

  • Expecting your first child? Counseling can help new parents through the stages of preparing for baby, parental leave, and returning to work.
  • Daily living professionals have time when you don’t to research summer camps, compare car seat safety ratings, and find a plumber when your 2-year-old flushes a rubber duck down the toilet.
  • Looking for a daycare facility near work, back-up care options when your pre-schooler is sick, or an afterschool science program for your 6th grader? Caregiving specialists can help you locate providers, matched to your specific criteria.

Financial educators can assist with developing a family budget, answer questions about opening a life insurance policy or counsel on applying for financial aid.

24/7 Toll-free line: 800-828-6025

Website: www.LifeScopeEAP.com

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