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Call for Students to do Research in the DR Over Winter Term 2018

Winter Term Independent Study: Evaluating Rural Development Models in the Dominican Republic

What role do international nongovernmental organizations play in promoting development? To what extent can they encourage environmental conservation and rural development, and make this model sustainable by creating a revenue stream rather than depending on grants? This experiential learning opportunity will entail 2 faculty and 3 students going to the Dominican Republic to evaluate an innovative development model used by Zorzal Cacao. This reserve-farm partnership links environmental conservation efforts to the development of sustainable and profitable organic Cacao cultivation. As such, it seeks to demonstrate how environmental conservation, local development, and profitability are not mutually exclusive, but in fact, can reinforce one another. Students will evaluate this innovative development model by conducting original fieldwork research, and could choose to engage in GIS mapping of existing farms to identify potential areas of development, survey farming partners to identify the strengths and weaknesses of existing partnerships, and research the factors that encourage or hinder potential new partners to participate in this model. Students will have a unique opportunity to engage in original fieldwork research and provide a professional program evaluation. Students must speak Spanish at either a proficient or fluent level.

Potential Projects that Students Might Select

  • Evaluate current farm-reserve model – compare to surrounding farms
  • Conservation – positive impact on thrush
  • Fair/Direct trade – development
  • Sustainability – ability of farm to support reserve
  • Geocoding – GIS analysis or develop interactive map for farm/reserve
  • Food focus – tree to bar, etc.

Time Line

  • November & December: students selected, and work with Professor Lewis and Professor Teets to develop projects. The owners will introduce the farm-reserve, and we will have other guests discuss different aspects of the project.
  • Students will make travel plans (and enroll in IS if desired) by late November
  • Dominican Republic: January 7th – 21st [Jan 7 (arrival day) to Jan 21st (return day)]

Application Process and Logistics

  • This opportunity is paid for through a Middlebury College grant, so all costs other than incidentals will be covered for participants.
  • If interested, students should email Professor Teets with a transcript, resume, and short essay explaining why you would like to participate, what sort of project most interests you, and how previous coursework, skills, or experiences have helped to prepare you to work on a research team in the DR.
  • Applications are due by November 7, 2017.
  • We will not have professional interpreters with us, so all students must be at least proficient in Spanish (fluency would be even better).

Middlebury Entrepreneurs — J-term 2018

The Innovation Hub is now accepting applications for Middlebury Entrepreneurs 2018! Midd Entrepreneurs is a winter term course for students who want to start their own business or non—profit organization. Students will spend the month developing their ideas, building their business models, prototyping, interacting with a wide range of mentors, and preparing for the final event — when they pitch their ideas to a panel of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and local industry leaders. Winners of the pitch competition will get to represent Middlebury in the Launch VT Collegiate competition.**Note that you can apply to the class as a teammate or founding partner! By listing your skills and interests, we will help to assign you to a team that seems best fit.
The application can be found at go/entrepreneurs or using this link and is due October 27th, 2017.

Winter Term Team Peru Internship Due October 30

Team Peru Internship for Credit with Prof. Orion Lewis- Calca Region, Peru

Agriculture extension in Peru is based off a western, top down, teacher-student model that does not consider traditional methods of knowledge transfer. The Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development (AASD) is currently partnering with the community of Sacclio in Peru and a small group of identified community leaders to create a localized agriculture extension program that is specifically designed for small scale farmers. A localized extension program will offer trainings and resources for small scale farmers to organize, maintain traditional and environmentally friendly farming practices, provide agency and voice, and create innovative avenues to access markets. Students will participate in intensive facilitations and conversations to build context and critical perspectives; visit farming communities with differing levels of access; meet with NGOs, government officials, and community leaders; and participate in farming activities, workshops and other hands-on experiences. For more information visit http://alianzaandina.org/january-term/.

For this year’s JTerm students will join the AASD as stakeholders in this process. Students can expect to:

  • Participate in intensive facilitations and conversations with the AASD to build context and critical perspectives;
  • Visit farming communities with differing levels of access and connectivity as well as ecological zones;
  • Meet with NGOs, government officials and community leaders;
  • Participate in farming activities, workshops and hands on experience to build context;
  • Immerse themselves in readings, informational videos will be discussed as well as weekly reflections.

Deliverables for this practicum have not yet been decided on, but will most likely fit into the following framework:

  • A situation analysis related to a particular theme (which can be negotiated with the AASD in country)
  • The design of an initiative—probably a tweak to an existing project–that is firmly rooted in the situation analysis
  • A product that would support the initiative (which can be negotiated with AASD in country)”

For more information, visit AASD’s new website: http://alianzaandina.org/

Dates: January 8-26, 2018
Expenses: Students are responsible for program fees and travel costs.
To apply: Meet with Prof. Orion Lewis (olewis@middlebury.edu) to discuss independent study options by October 30. If approved, you will be directed to apply to AASD.

If you have any questions about Team Peru, please contact Carolyn Meyer at cmeter@miis.edu/831-647-6417

IDEX Accelerator & Global Fellowship in India: Oct. 15 Application Deadline

The IDEX Accelerator & Global Fellowship Program has an upcoming application deadline of October 15th for their January 2018 cohort program. The program was founded on the idea that by investing in the future generations of leaders who are passionate about leading high-impact careers, we can regenerate local economies and build stronger communities around the world. There is a tuition involved but there are also scholarships within the IDEX system to cover many expenses such as travel. For instance, IDEX founded the InvestWISE Scholarship Fund in 2014 and made it a core part of their mission to help balance the gender scales to place more women in leadership roles within specialized impact fields such as Agriculture, Clean Energy, Impact Investing, Technology for Development and Public Policy.

Check out the program here: http://www.idexaccelerator.com/.

About IDEX Accelerator

IDEX is a US based non-profit that was incubated under Gray Matters Capital in 2010 with the objective of  developing the next wave of “social intrapreneurs” who will support, lead and advance the work of socially-focused enterprises around the world! IDEX Fellows undergo six months of leadership and business development training by working full-time for social enterprises across India. IDEX Fellows work in areas including health, education, gender, energy, livelihood, environment, impact investing etc. Currently, IDEX alumni come from all corners of the globe.

Winter Term internship with federal judge (and alum) in Boston

This is a unique chance to see the inner-workings of a courtroom with a Midd alum.  This opportunity will expose you to assisting the Law Clerks and Law Interns in Chambers with criminal and civil cases.  You may be called upon to work on writing and research projects, as well as administrative tasks.  You will have virtually daily opportunities to observe courtroom proceedings (criminal and civil) before Judge Burroughs and other judges and magistrate judges of the court.

Here is more information about Judge Burroughs for your information. Judge Burroughs received her J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School.  Prior to joining the bench, Judge Burroughs was a partner in the Boston law firm of Nutter McClennen & Fish.  Before entering private practice, she served in the Boston and Philadelphia offices of the United States Attorney’s Office.  During her sixteen years as an Assistant United States Attorney, Judge Burroughs developed trial and investigation expertise in sophisticated white collar and economic crimes.

Deadline is October 28, but I encourage you to apply sooner.  Seniors especially encourage.  All the details in Handshake here. 

Winter-Term EMT Course Fall Information Meeting

Wednesday, September 12, 7:00 pm in Hillcrest 103

The Winter Term EMT Program is a credit bearing comprehensive, emergency medical internship that is co-sponsored by Middlebury College and Middlebury Regional EMS. The intensive month long program will provide students the opportunity to become nationally certified EM-B’s. EMT skills may be used to provide medical support on the ambulance, at the Open Door Clinic and other College and community events. The application process begins with students attending this information session, at which time you will learn about the program including the cost of the internship and complete a preliminary application. Once preliminary applications have been reviewed, students accepted into the program will be given three weeks to complete a series of tasks (form completion, immunizations, payment, etc). Students who fail the complete the application by the deadline will be removed from the roster and replaced with students on the wait list. Please email Hannah Benz (hbenz@middlebury.edu) with questions.

If you think you might also be interested in applying to medical/dental/veterinary school, come to the First-Year/Sophomore Health Professions Info Meeting on Tuesday, September 11th at 7:00 pm in Coltrane Lounge.

You can RSVP for the event on Handshake.