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Are Landline-Only Pollsters Systematically Understating Democratic Support?

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With less than two weeks remaining before the midterm election, polls continue to indicate that Republicans will make major gains in both the House and Senate.  That has led some Democrat supporters (and others as well) to wonder whether the … Continue reading

Has Citizens United Caused A Decline in Overall Campaign Spending?

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Here’s an interesting question: why is spending on midterm races this cycle down from the previous midterm expenditures in 2006?*** “What’s that?” you ask. Didn’t you just read Politico’s lead story announcing that “Outside organizations – business associations, unions, ideological … Continue reading

Can Republicans “Buy” the House?

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“Is it accurate to say that in the United States it is possible to buy an election?” That was the lead question to me  yesterday by a reporter from the French daily Liberation.   She noted that the current midterm was … Continue reading