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Friday links – April 6, 2012

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See Through 3D Desktop - Behind the Screen Overlay Interaction

E-books in the academy“…There are things that some scholars can do with paper that they can’t do with digital editions, and they are thus encouraging librarians to continue to acquire print for the library collection. …”



Friday links – March 30, 2012

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Popular culture meets User-Experience (UX) design : “… UX isn’t about expert intuition, it’s about expert listening. Don Draper doesn’t listen. …”

Friday Links – March 16, 2012

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TED, Known for Idea Talks, Releases Educational Videos The nonprofit group called TED, known for streaming 18-minute video lectures about big ideas, today opened a new YouTube channel designed for teachers and professors, with videos that are even shorter.

Khan Academy – The Future of Education? (60 Minutes segment)
“With the backing of Gates and Google, Khan Academy and its free online educational videos are moving into the classroom and across the world. Their goal: to revolutionize how we teach and learn. Sanjay Gupta reports.” Note: if you have trouble viewing it in Firefox, use IE instead.

Thoughts on how patron-driven acquisitions overlaps (or doesn’t) with Interlibrary-Loan.

The end of an era.

Friday Links – March 9, 2012

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A taxonomy of tools that support the fluent and flexible use of visualizations – The increasing scale and availability of digital data provides an extraordinary resource for informing public policy, scientific discovery, business strategy, and even our personal lives. To get the most out of such data, however, users must be able to make sense of it: to pursue questions, uncover patterns of interest, and identify (and potentially correct) errors.

3D Web for everyone? – XML3D enables a web developer to easily integrate 3D content into the web browser and to be able to use existing programming languages like JavaScript to interact with them.

Gulf on Open Access to Federally Financed Research – Excellent summary of both sides of the argument.

Two, count ‘em, TWO LIS staff members will be performing in Little City Players’ production of Exhibit This!  The Museum Comedies by Luigi Jannuzi. Performances will be at the Vergennes Opera House on March 22-24 (Thursday through Saturday) and 30-31 (Friday and Saturday) at 8 pm, and Sunday, April 1 at 2 pm. Tickets available through the Opera House or at Classic Stitching on Main St. in Vergennes.

Friday Links – February 10th-17th

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10 threats to The Golden Age of the Internet
Have we been taking the Internet for granted? See why we might soon find ourselves reminiscing about the days of unfettered use and free access.

Innovating the library way from the blog of Harvard Business Review

Friday links roundup – January 13, 2012

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Unusual library guide
One library used a graphic novel approach to introduce students to their library (pretty weird but it’s different enough to catch interest). See Library of the Living Dead. (This was added to PRIMO – Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online Database)

Friday links roundup – December 16, 2011

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A Top 10 List In Favor Of Censoring The Internet – The MPAA has been sending around a sort of “top 10 list” to folks in Congress about why they should vote to censor the internet via PROTECT IP (PIPA).  Of course, the ten reasons don’t make much sense, and we figured that it might be helpful to shine a little of that reality light on the claims. (From TechDirt)