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New Special Collections Summer Hours

A change in Summer Hours for Special Collections on the Lower Level  of the Davis Family Library was approved by the LIS Area Directors at their recent meeting. The following hours will be in effect immediately:

Tuesday, May 31-Thursday, June 2      By Appointment Only

Friday, June 3                                           Open 1-5 p.m.  for Reunion Weekend

Saturday, June 4                                      Open 10 a.m.-2 p.m. for Reunion Weekend

June 5-19                                                  CLOSED

Monday, June 20-Friday, August19     By Appointment Only

Monday, August 22-Friday, September 2    CLOSED


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Area 51 notes, May 5, 2011

Present: Simpkins, Peddie, Backus, Sax, Gianforte, Roy, Norris
We reviewed the AD updates, resulting in brief discussions about

  • maintenance coverage for Banner production server
  • printers/copiers
  • migrating our Emergency Notification System from Dell’s AlertFind to an as-yet-to-be-determined vendor

We then discussed a proposal to move away from Zoho and to an application called Roadmap (http://www.ppmroadmap.com/) for our LIS Project Directory.  One benefit of this would be to allow a sort of calendar/Gantt chart view of a project timeline, including the ability to “stack” project views and look at upcoming projects, which hopefully will allow us a better allocation of staff and financial resources.  Chris presented us with 4 options:
a) continue Zoho – export projects monthly into a paper-based Gantt chart view.
b) abandon Zoho – use a local or cloud spreadsheet with tabs for various statuses, etc.
c) abandon Zoho – use Roadmap, a web-based PM forecasting tool, which can either tie into Basecamp or operate independently.  Roadmap has a good reporting interface

Roadmap offers a refined reporting interface; allows custom attributes for each project (area; goal tie-in; etc.); and forecasting/Gantt charting.  The cost is reasonable.  Mike noted that, on some level, the specific system doesn’t matter as much as committment from ADs to regularly review and update the project directory

Decision: Roadmap seems like the appropriate choice – we can connect it to Basecamp later if we choose to do so.

We reviewed the LIS calendar and set draft agendas for managers meeting, all-staff meeting, goals/team reviews for May & June
Upcoming all-staff – Michael Geisler will present on the Languages Schools
Upcoming managers’ meeting – BL/LS prep
5/20 AD Retreat – continue strat planning
5/13 Goal/Team meeting – CANCEL – Mike is absent
5/20 Goal/Team meeting – Security Team discussion continued
5/27 Goal/Team meeting – Chris: present analytics

There will be no AD meeting next week, May 12, 2001.

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Area 51 meeting notes, Apr. 28, 2011

Present: Shel Sax, Danna Gianforte, Mary Backus, Carol Peddie, Chris Norris, Mike Roy, Terry Simpkins and Doreen Bernier

There were 3 topics of discussion today:

  • Chris introduced Adam Ricciardiello, our representative from Gartner, who gave a overview presentation on the services Gartner will be providing to campus. Gartner is a technology based company providing analysis and a repository for research on IT issues. A second presentation to all of LIS was being presented after the AD meeting.
  • We had a brief conversation about providing support for the Moodle LMS. Shel will draft a proposal for the ADs to review and respond.
  • We spent some time reviewing the LIS budget, focusing specifically on the status of projects with completion dates falling within FY11.

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Terry & Doreen

Area 51 notes, Apr. 21, 2011

Present:  Simpkins, Backus, Roy, Sax, Norris, Gianforte, Peddie and Bernier

We reviewed the recommendations of the Curricular Technology Team, which was charged with evaluating Learning Management Systems for the College. The Team recommended we adopt Moodle, and, after a lengthy discussion, the ADs endorsed this recommendation, with the stipulation that the system be implemented in a hosted environment.  Mike will submit this recommendation and our comments to Alison Byerly and President’s Staff for approval.

We followed this by discussing how LIS sets policies and standards for levels of support for applications used across campus.  In order to provide support for core applications and maintain a high-level of service, we need to establish clear guidelines concerning what LIS can and cannot support.  This may mean limiting support to specific applications, or to specific versions of applications, and discontinuing support for applications and/or versions that have fallen out of widespread use.  Once these levels have been established, we will need to work to help people migrate their applications to versions or tools that remain supported.  Mary has agreed to prepare a draft framework for support guidelines and policies which we will review.  Ultimately, Mike will bring this to President’s Staff for approval, since LIS will need their backing in order to enforce any guidelines we establish.

Area 51 notes, Apr. 14, 2011

Present: Chris Norris, Dana Gianforte, Mike Roy, Terry Simpkins, Carol Peddie and Doreen Bernier

Greetings – after a temporary hiatus in meetings due to vacations, illnesses, conferences, low Nielsen ratings, and various other sundry adventures, we’re back.

Chris presented an overview of a new research database available to us from Gartner, aimed at IT professionals.  A representative from Gartner will be here on April 28th and will join the AD meeting and give an overview of their research database. Access for the campus portal will be announced to the campus at the end of May. Chris showed the registration process, accessed the Gartner site and reviewed site features. The license with Gartner will give access to the research databases for the entire campus, and we will be inviting other folks (e.g., liaisons, other Middlebury IT leaders) to the demonstration on the 28th.

Chris also presented an update on recent Disaster Recovery (DR) activities, which are part of the larger Mission Continuity Planning (MCP) umbrella known as the Phoenix Project. The Phoenix Project’s milestones and timeline have been updated to reflect our current approach, the DR budget for FY12 has been approved, Disaster Recovery Questionnaires (DRQs) have been completed by LIS staff members for all identified critical systems, and a project website has been created containing the timeline, scope, updates and related documents. In addition, an interim DR plan has been created that will help inform the development of the formalized DR plan this fall. This spring, we will confirm recovery priorities with senior administrators and continue taking actions to better protect the continuity of our technology-dependent academic and business operations.

Finally, the ADs agreed that workgroups undergoing assessment should include a an assessment goal in their strategic planning. The idea is simply to formalize the activity of assessing the workgroups, and including it as a goal will help ensure that it is actually carried out.

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Terry & Doreen

Area 51 notes, Feb. 17, 2011

Present: Mike Lynch, Mary Backus, Danna Gianforte, Mike Roy, Carol Peddie, Chris Norris, Shel Sax, Terry Simpkins and Doreen Bernier

  • The team discussed possible projects within LIS that could use the assistance of graduate interns.   Some thoughts and suggestions were to assess LIS communications and setup a system that would be sustainable after their employment term ended, assisting with cataloging of the Chinese gift, course management systems training, and network help.
  • Carol will distribute the 360 evaluation used by the teams to the ADs and these need to be completed by Friday, 2/18.
  • We discussed iPad support on campus. As the use of iPads and other mobile devices expand on campus, we need to be able to provide basic support and handle privacy & security issues. Chris Norris, will prepare a basic checklist and training instructions for the helpdesk staff and will assist in training efforts. We’ll also purchase additional iPads and mobile devices as appropriate for the Helpdesk and for each area to use in order to gain familiarity and provide support. We also need a policy explaining that we will be supporting connectivity issues, not individual applications. We discussed the idea of a formal users group as a place where users can ask questions not covered by the Helpdesk. We discussed creating a task force to test new mobile device operating system.
  • The ADs continued their discussion about security policies presented last week by Ian Burke. We decided that the change management policy needs further review and revision, along with the incident response and monitoring policy. The ADs are tasked with closely reviewing these documents and will discuss it further at the AD meeting in two weeks.

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Terry & Doreen