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Rubio on the Rise in New Hampshire? Notes from the Campaign Trail

Fresh off what most observers saw as a strong debate performance last Thursday, Marco Rubio returned to New Hampshire the following Friday to a packed house (based on posted room capacity, I estimate a bit under 400 in attendance) at the Common Man Inn in Claremont. Your intrepid blogger was there, and here’s what I […]

Notes from the Campaign Trail: The Trump Phenomenon

As regular readers know, I’ve been spending a good deal of time this election season in New Hampshire, attending and blogging about the various presidential candidates’ campaign events. Last Tuesday I finally had the opportunity to attend a Trump event. It was like no other campaign rally I have attended. We arrived at Stevens High […]

Obama, Gun Control, and the Limits to Executive Action

President Obama is expected to formally announce today that he will pursue executive action design to expand background checks on some guns purchases. Obama’s decision has been described by media outlets as a way of sidestepping a Congress that has opposed enacting more stringent gun control legislation. Predictably, the President’s decision to act “unilaterally” has […]