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Wireless on campus

A new wireless network access method has been created on campus which promotes better connectivity to Middlebury resources.

The new wireless access (SSID) is: MIDD-STANDARD.  Currently many users access our wireless network by turning-on their laptop and automatically connecting to midd_unplugged.  Although this is an easy connection for many this particular wireless access point is becoming saturated with connections and performance is degrading.  There is no security on midd_unplugged; using it puts your data at risk.

Connecting to MIDD-STANDARD will improve your networking performance, provide added security and help us reduce the loads on midd_unplugged so that our guests will continue to have a viable Internet connection when visiting.

To connect to MIDD-STANDARD you will need to contact the Helpdesk at x2200 for the key. You will then go into your wireless network console on your laptop and select MIDD-STANDARD from the list.

NOTE: if you are already on midd_secure we recommend you stay with this access.  Your Middlebury sign-in credentials will be the key for access and will not change.  MIDD-STANDARD’s key may change from time to time requiring you to re-authenticate to the network.

If you have any questions, please contact the Helpdesk at x2200.

Wireless coverage in Main Library

Despite the recent increase in wireless capacity in the Main Library, some users are still experiencing problems. We need to gather information about where and when the problems are occuring,  so we can address them. We have a survey, available at go/libwireless to collect the information we need. If you’ve had problems using wireless in the Main Library please take a couple of minutes to complete the survey – annonymously if you like – it’ll really help us out.

Our Responses to LIS Suggestions

This semester, we’ve been using the Suggestions Board in the atrium of the Main Library to get feedback on how we might be able to save money.  We’ve asked library users to tell us what’s most important and what they can do without.   The most popular comments so far are, “What’s wrong with the printers?”  and “Why is wireless so slow?” Our responses are now posted to Suggestions Board and the LIS Suggestions blog.

New Wireless Access Points

Submitted by Howie McCausland
We have just completed installing Wireless Access Points to provide full coverage throughout Coffrin and Stewart dorms, and have installed an extensive new network infrastructure (wired, and wireless) throughout the newly-renovated Proctor to support the new expanded College Book Store.
Good wireless signal is now available in about 90% of campus building interior spaces, as shown on the accompanying map.
 wireless map 6-09





Help Save the Yellow Cables

The Cable Lady 003

Submitted by Elin Waagen

The popular LIS Yellow Cable Program (borrow a cable; put one back) is on the threatened species list. Please return any yellow cables you see floating around work and public spaces to the Circulation Desks at any of the Libraries.
Pictured here is the famous Yellow Cable Hero in full action! Many thanks to Amy Hoffman for picking up cables on her daily walks around the Main Library.

Wireless Access Locations Update

The Campus Map application has been updated with all of the new wireless access points added over the last several months. This is a long overdue update on my part, but I’m happy to say that I’m now receiving a list of spots to add as they’re added from Petar Mitrevski, a Computing Specialist with the Helpdesk staff. The excellent work done by Facilities Services and Systems and Network Infrastructure to get these new wireless locations up and running should also not escape notice. Here’s a list of the additions:

  • Allen Hall
  • Atwater Residence Halls
  • Battell Hall
  • 26 Blinn Lane
  • Cousteau
  • Chellis House
  • 242 College Street
  • DKE Alumni House
  • Earhart
  • Forest Hall
  • Hadley House/Barn
  • Hepburn Hall
  • Johnson Memorial Building
  • McKinley House
  • Mead Memorial Chapel
  • Nelson Recreation Center
  • Norgay
  • Pearsons Hall
  • Peary
  • Ride
  • Service Building
  • 107 Shannon Street
  • 56 South Street
  • Stewart Hall
  • Wright Memorial Theater