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Curricular Technologies: Ideas and Suggestions

In an effort to tap into the collective wisdom of the Middlebury community, the Curricular Technology team has set up a Google Moderator “series” for Curricular Technology Ideas/Suggestions.  Check it out and add your ideas or vote on existing ideas.

For those of you who can’t keep up with all the tools and services Google has out there, Moderator is a site where you can aggregate input from a large number of people, similar to UserVoice, a site LIS has used to brainstorm on a number of topics.

I first discovered Moderator in a Google Buzz post about How to Fix Google Buzz, set up by a former Google employee (see: Ex-Googler Creates Voting Site: “How to Fix Google Buzz”, Read Write Web, 2/17/2010).

Our Responses to LIS Suggestions

This semester, we’ve been using the Suggestions Board in the atrium of the Main Library to get feedback on how we might be able to save money.  We’ve asked library users to tell us what’s most important and what they can do without.   The most popular comments so far are, “What’s wrong with the printers?”  and “Why is wireless so slow?” Our responses are now posted to Suggestions Board and the LIS Suggestions blog.

LIS Suggestions Board

At last, we will have a permanent space for LIS feedback in the atrium of the Main Library.  Look for the LIS Suggestions Board near the HelpDesk soon–the photo of the LIS genie will be hard to miss.  The first topic you’ll see there:  “Help us save money wisely:  What’s most important?  What can you do without?”  Responses will be posted to the board and to the LIS Suggestions Blog (http://go.middlebury.edu/lissuggestions).

Suggestions Board in Progress!

Submitted by Carrie Macfarlane

Have you noticed the new bulletin boards outside the stairwell near the Help Desk? These will soon be the home of a new LIS Suggestions Board.

Here’s the plan:

  1. We’ll create a sign for the new Suggestions Board.
  2. People will be invited leave comments on the board or online at the Suggestions Blog (shortcut: go/lissuggestions). Most suggestions that are received on the Suggestions Board will be transcribed to the Suggestions Blog, and vice-versa.
  3. Responses will be tracked on the Suggestions Blog. Be ready! :) We’ll forward each suggestion to someone who has a stake in the issue. Those people should then go to the blog and respond.
  4. When a resolution has been posted to the blog, we’ll post the answer on the board. We’ll probably develop some stock answers for repeated questions. (Too hot? Too cold? Right!)
  5. If we don’t receive any suggestions at all, or if the board overflows with suggestions, or if anything else happens that we haven’t anticipated…we’ll reassess and figure out what to do next!

One more thing: All comments that we received on the post-it poster last spring have been re-entered on the blog as individual postings. We’ll soon forward those to the people who can respond. Watch your inbox! And, tell us what you think about these ideas, too.