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DrupalCon 2010 Trip Report Day 1

Hello from San Francisco! I was waylaid in Chicago and missed the morning presentations, but I wanted to share what I’ve learned so far at DrupalCon. First, a quick bullet point summary for those who don’t want to dive into the details:

  • Drupal now powers over 1% of the total websites, closely tied with Joomla. WordPress powers about 8.5%.
  • Drupal 7’s forms will allow us to add conditional form fields that appear for the user without requiring a postback to the server. See the (very relevent for us) example here: http://d7.drupalexamples.info/form_example/states
  • Drupal 7’s User Experience (UX) team has made improvements to the interface that on our site is called the “Edit Console”. You can read more about their project at their website: http://www.d7ux.org/content/
  • We can improve our site performance by moving functionality out of the template files and into theme functions. Basically, the way we currently do things, we have to read a file off the server’s disk every time anyone loads anything on the site. By using theme functions instead of template functions we avoid this disk read and dramatically improve performance.
  • You can watch many of today’s presentations at http://sf2010.drupal.org/conference/schedule for free! Many of those without video have their slides up. The presentations from Monday are at the bottom of the page since, at the time I’m posting this, they’ve already happened and aren’t as interesting to the conference attendees.
  • Monster Menus, the module the Amherst developed that lets you add sub-pages and manage permissions is a few weeks away from being refactored to eliminate any Amherst-dependent code. The version we’re currently running assumes that Amherst’s version of Banner exists, which we’ve had to work around. The new version will make this easy for us and open MM up for other schools to use.

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NERCOMP New Discovery Tools symposium — summary report

In Feb., I attended a symposium on New Discovery Tools sponsored by NERCOMP. The primary sessions were

  • One Library’s Journey Toward Next-Generation Discovery and Delivery (Steve Shadle, Serials Access Librarian, University of Washington Libraries)
  • Information, Not Location: Putting the What in Front of the Where So Patrons can Find When, Why and How (Ken Varnum, Web Systems Manager, University of Michigan Library)

with additional “lightning presentations”.   If you are interested in reading my impressions, I’ve uploaded a summary here (MS Word doc).

The URL for the conference is here.

Conference Report – Space 2.0: Small-Scale Library Redesign Projects

Submitted by Brenda Ellis

Space 2.0: Small-Scale Library Redesign Projects
October 3rd Dartmouth Conference, 2008-10-09

Attendees: Brenda Ellis, Carrie Macfarlane (presenter), Brendan Owens (co-presenter), Joy Pile, Jean Simmons, Elin Waagen, Joseph Watson

Carrie & Brendan’s presentation: http://dspace.nitle.org/handle/10090/6141

All other presentations available at : http://www.dartmouth.edu/~biomed/services.htmld/OctCon2008/index.shtml

Elin’s notes are on the circulation blog: http://sites.middlebury.edu/circservices/2008/10/13/darmouth-october-conference-space-20-small-scale-library-redesign-projects/

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