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Upcomming Collection Shift in Davis Family Library

Library moving company W. B. Meyer has been hired to shift part of the book collection in Davis Family Library during the week of Spring Break, starting on Monday the 26th.  This is being done to make room for the expansion of classroom LIB140 in June.  First, the Gov Docs collection will be consolidated to the east end of the compact shelving that it currently occupies.  (This is possible because Hans Raum and Ginny Faust have been weeding the collection for the past two years, significantly reducing it in size.)  Second, three ranges of books just to the east of LIB140 on the Lower Lvl will be moved to the emptied shelves at the west end of the compact shelving in the center of the Main Lvl.    The stacks sequence will remain the same but the break between the floors will be slightly different.   The movers will be done by Friday of that week.  Contact Joseph Watson with any questions or concerns.  A public notification of the move will be forthcoming in a few weeks.

Where’s the Harman Periodical Reading room?

If you’re an avid reader of newspapers or magazines…wait, that is, if you’re an avid reader of newspapers and magazines in their paper format, then maybe you’ve spent time in the Harman Periodical Reading Room located on the ground floor of the Davis Family Library. Comfy blue chairs, copies of the Burlington Free Press, New York Times, الأهرام (Al-Ahram from Egypt), 人民日报 (The China People’s Daily), and The Times of India to name just a few. Sound familiar?

Over the winter break we moved thirty-six of our most popular magazines to Harman from our current periodical shelves. So now, twenty-four of our newspapers from around the world live side-by-side with thirty-six magazines. So, if you have the urge to leaf through the most recent copy of Wired, The Economist, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, Atlantic, MacWorld, Mother Earth News, or many others, pull up a chair.

Those of you using Apple’s Newsstand app for your magazine and newspaper reading can kindly ignore this message.

This is a quiet study area

While certain areas of Davis Family Library have always been known unofficially as good spots for quiet study, recently we’ve formalized that a bit by installing signage marking some areas as “Quiet Study Areas”. Look for the big blue Q and please avoid conversation, either in person or on the phone, anywhere near these signs. Of course, LIS staff won’t be going around the building “shushing” people, but we hope the new signage makes it more obvious which parts of the building are reserved for quiet contemplative study.

Upcoming LIS Office Moves

A few thoughts about the upcoming LIS office reassignments from your LIS Facilities Coordinator—

As you know, in the coming months many LIS staff will be moving offices. I think we would all agree that the timing of this reshuffle is less than ideal, but we must remember that it is triggered by the College’s need to react to the economic downturn. One way we’re doing that is by adding students to the enrollment without building new dorms. Because Voter 2nd floor was once used for student housing it can be returned to that purpose relatively quickly and efficiently, but that means that LIS staff members currently there need to move out so Voter can be renovated in time for the fall semester. I’ve been working with LIS Administration and Mary Stanley, the College Space Manager, to draft a relocation plan. With some creative thinking it looks like all the Voter 2nd floor folks will be able to fit into the Main Library.

As Mike Roy mentioned in a recent email, in order for this to happen, many of the LIS staff in the Main Library will also need to move. In most cases these moves will likely actually enhance adjacencies, allowing people who work most closely together to be near each other. In a few cases sacrifices will likely need to be made. Every effort is being made to accommodate everyone’s needs. I’m saying “likely” above because as I write this, the plan is in the draft stage. Once we’re sure that it’s possible for everyone to fit, the ADs will determine, in consultation with their managers and staff, exactly who will be sitting in exactly what chair. Once we know that, we’ll work with Facilities to set a move schedule. I do not now know exactly when that will be, but hopefully it will be soon.

While we will do all we can to customize the new spaces that people move into before moves take place, there will likely be instances when people move into a space that is not yet refined. Files could sit in boxes on the floor while we wait for a filing cabinet to be acquired. Books could sit on boxes on the floor while we wait for shelves to be installed. People may work at desks next to each other in open areas until dividers can be acquired to define spaces. Spring is an especially busy time for both Facilities Services and LIS. They will be just as busy and as stressed as we are. We must all strive to be patient and kind in our dealings with one another, pulling together, realizing that we are doing what needs to be done to solve the College’s current financial challenges.

Those who already know they’re moving, like the staff on Voter 2nd floor, could prepare now by cleaning out their offices and recycling everything that they don’t absolutely need to take with them. Everyone else, whether they think they might be moving or not, could do the same… it’s Spring after all! Stay tuned….

Quantitative Analysis Lab in LIB 105

From Jeanne Albert, Director of Quantitative Skills Support, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research:

The Quantitative Analysis Lab (QAL) in LIB 105 is up and running! On Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings peer tutors are available to help students with the statistics packages Stata, SPSS, and Minitab (see the schedule, below.) In addition, other quantitative software packages are available on the computers in LIB 105, including Data Desk, R, Maple, Mathematica, MatLab, Excel, and Geometer’s Sketchpad. The lab will be a great resource for students who are working in the main library, and can potentially bring together people working on a variety of subjects, topics, and projects.

Quantitative Analysis Lab Schedule


  • Minitab tutor: 7 – 10 pm
  • Stata tutor: 8:30 – 10 pm


  • Stata tutor: 8:30 – 10 pm
  • SPSS tutor:  8:30-10 pm


  • Stata tutor: 8:30 – 10 pm

Note:  During QAL tutoring hours, students working with tutors will be given preference, but other students may use the lab if space is available.

Conference Report – Space 2.0: Small-Scale Library Redesign Projects

Submitted by Brenda Ellis

Space 2.0: Small-Scale Library Redesign Projects
October 3rd Dartmouth Conference, 2008-10-09

Attendees: Brenda Ellis, Carrie Macfarlane (presenter), Brendan Owens (co-presenter), Joy Pile, Jean Simmons, Elin Waagen, Joseph Watson

Carrie & Brendan’s presentation: http://dspace.nitle.org/handle/10090/6141

All other presentations available at : http://www.dartmouth.edu/~biomed/services.htmld/OctCon2008/index.shtml

Elin’s notes are on the circulation blog: http://sites.middlebury.edu/circservices/2008/10/13/darmouth-october-conference-space-20-small-scale-library-redesign-projects/

Informal summary of highlights (combined notes from Jean, Brenda, Joy, Joseph, Carrie) Continue reading