Trial access to IMF statistical databases

Submitted by Brenda Ellis

Wonder how we get new library databases?  Librarians are inundated by offers for new databases as well as offers to migrate existing resources to online versions or new platforms, which we investigate for relevancy to the curriculum, ease of use, cost, etc.  The publishers often give us “trial” access for online resources so we can try before we buy.  We currently get a number of statistical publications from the IMF (Int’l Monetary Fund) in print format and/or CD-Rom.  We have trial access to the online versions until May 31st.  (single user access to the online should cost about the same as what we currently pay for print/cd-roms).  Try them out and see if you can figure out how to use them.  Comments to me are welcome.  Here are the databases:

International Financial Statistics

Direction of Trade Statistics

Balance of Payments

Government Finance Statistics

These are also on the Economics Subject Guide go/econguide and the new databases/trials page go/trials

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