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Cookie Night will be held on Tuesday, May 12th.  As always, we need a large quantity of cookies for the students to enjoy, so please fire up those ovens and help make another successful Cookie Night.  The students truly appreciate all your efforts.

Cookies can be brought to LIB250E throughout the day and don’t forget to put your name on your trays and dishes. 

LISterine Workshop: Entering the World of Mashups

Submitted by Bryan Carson and Carrie Macfarlane

The next LISterine Workshop (LIS Technology, Endeavors, and Resources in Need of Explanation) has been scheduled.  On Tuesday, May 19, from 4-5 pm in Library 105, Digital Media Tutors and LIS-GIS Team members Jue Yang and Jack Cuneo will present Entering the World of Mashups. Watch your inbox for an invitation.

Want to present a workshop? Want someone else to present? Tell us!

Print Management: Phase 1

Submitted by Ginny Bukowski


Between May 20 and May 27, Jeff Lahaie, Brian Foley, and Petar Mitrevshi will place print release stations in the following public printing locations:

   Main Library

   Armstrong Science Library

   Music Library

   Sunderland (computing labs)

   Munroe 214

   Axinn 105

   Robert A. Jones (basement)

As always, students, faculty, and staff will be able to print to any of these printers but will be required to release the job in order for it to print.  Guests will have to pay for their printing as of June 8 and will be limited to black and white printers in the Middlebury libraries.  Guests are people not in Active Directory and include, but are not limited to, regional visitors, potential students and their families, alumni, and dependents of staff and faculty.


We are aware of a few categories of people who are not in Active Directory (not active students, faculty, staff) or guests such as teaching assistants as well as Language Schools doctoral candidates and Language Schools’ week-long guests.  For the time being, they must print via local or departmental printers.  If you know of additional groups who fall into this category, please let Ginnie know.


Carol and Doreen are creating the cards and the accompanying internal accounting system.  LIS will sell guest printing cards to the college, who will sell them at the bookstore, MiddExpress, and Wilson Café.  Through these $5 cards guests will be able to create and maintain a PaperCut printing account.  Cards will be non-refundable.  They will have a warning that the guest should treat them like cash.  The college will not be responsible for them once sold.    For those of you at customer service points, you will receive complimentary cards for people who have legitimate grievances such poor printing quality.


Departmental guests will have the option to use the host department’s printer at no charge.  If there is a guest who is in need of a public printer for an extended time, the host department will need to purchase a card or cards for that individual.


Of course, your printing to departmental or local printers will not change because they are not public printers.


Mary, Linda, Elin, Joseph, Mike, and I are working on the various communications required.  An announcement by Mike to the college is imminent.


Of course, there will be an adjustment period for those who use public printers; we hope you agree that the reduction in wasted resources will make this stage worthwhile.  Your support and understanding, especially of those who interact with users of the printers, will be appreciated.


You may be wondering, “What about student quotas?”  Mike asked Jon Isham’s economics class to assess student quotas.  Once that information has been provided along with collected usage data, quotas will be discussed in Phase 3 over the fall term.  In the meantime, Phase 2 will be an assessment of release stations and guest printing.  Phase 2.5 will be what may be done for the non-Active Directory and non-guest categories.

Going away? LIS wants to know!

Submitted by Judy Watts

I’m headed to Scotland tomorrow, and while people don’t need to know the details of where I’ll be, it may be useful for them to know that I will be away. Here’s what I did to enter that information in a place that everyone can see. In Outlook, open

Public Folders – All Public Folders – LIS – LIS Calendar

Enter your time away and save the entry. If you want to put it on your personal calendar, open it again, pull down the “Actions” menu and click on “Copy to personal calendar:. (Or, while you are creating the item, click on “Invite attendees” and invite yourself. Accept the invitation when you are back in your Outlook mail and it will be on your personal calendar.)

If you don’t use Outlook, you can ask someone who does, including the Information Desk, to make the entry for you. 

Thanks for doing this. It helps us all.

Library Hours – Exams and 24/7

Submitted by Elin Waagen

Extended library hours begin this Sunday night (technically Monday).
Hours are posted on the web – check library hours or type go/hours in your browser.
Students will need their MiddCards to enter the Main Library after 11 pm and before regular opening hours.
Main Library – 24/7 hours are effective the last week of classes and the exam period 5/4 – 18 for MiddCard holders only.
Music Library – regular semester hours are in effect.
Armstrong Library – extended hours during exam weekend 5/15-17.

Trial access to IMF statistical databases

Submitted by Brenda Ellis

Wonder how we get new library databases?  Librarians are inundated by offers for new databases as well as offers to migrate existing resources to online versions or new platforms, which we investigate for relevancy to the curriculum, ease of use, cost, etc.  The publishers often give us “trial” access for online resources so we can try before we buy.  We currently get a number of statistical publications from the IMF (Int’l Monetary Fund) in print format and/or CD-Rom.  We have trial access to the online versions until May 31st.  (single user access to the online should cost about the same as what we currently pay for print/cd-roms).  Try them out and see if you can figure out how to use them.  Comments to me are welcome.  Here are the databases:

International Financial Statistics

Direction of Trade Statistics

Balance of Payments

Government Finance Statistics

These are also on the Economics Subject Guide go/econguide and the new databases/trials page go/trials

Exhibit: Frances Dee and the Commodification of the Hollywood Star

Submitted by Brenda Ellis

Axinn Center Winter Garden continuing through August 31st.


The process of commodification required the frequent reworking of promotional materials devoted to extending a film and its stars pervasively into the public sphere. This exhibit offers more than one hundred representative materials employed by Hollywood studios in marketing not only her films but actress Frances Dee as a star. They include the most common items — posters, lobby cards, photographs, press books, heralds, fan magazines, etc. — to the more obscure — cigarette cards, matchbooks, photoplay editions of novels, film novelizations in magazine format, study guides, playing cards, makeup kits, Coca-Cola trays, dress patterns, and paper dolls. In selecting these materials, a conscious effort has been made to document that Hollywood marketing campaigns were aimed not solely to American filmgoers but to a vast international audience, from Europe to Asia to Latin and South America, who eagerly consumed Hollywood films and their stars.

MIIS Library Acquisitions & Serials Update

Submitted by Peter Liu

As part of the ongoing integration process with Middlebury, we have been looking at our respective internal work flows in technical services where need to be aligned.  

Since the fall of 2008, the MIIS Acquisitions Librarian, Erika Johnson (erika.johnson@miis.edu), has been using Blackwell and its Collection Manager as one of  the primary book vendors.  As a result, a majority of our recent book orders have being placed via Blackwell Library Services.

Beginning with the Spring 2009 semester, Erika  is also handling all of our serials responsibilities.  In addition to overseeing the purchasing, cancellation, invoicing, receipt, processing, and shelving of print periodicals and journals (including check-in, claiming, and binding), she now also manages the authentication, activation and maintenance of access to electronic journals through EBSCO’s A-to-Z list and electronic journals service (EJS).