Bill Koulopoulos

bill_150In each issue of this newsletter, we profile a staff member who works in the library or other related department. This issue features Bill Koulopoulos, Director of Academic Technology, who joined Middlebury in July 2014.

Bill came to Middlebury College from Columbia University, where he worked for 14 years in a number of positions, most recently as Senior Project Manager for Distance Learning. A friendly presence with a quick, broad smile, Bill is a Canadian citizen and a certified school teacher who taught ESL and writing classes for over a decade in public schools as well as at Columbia. When asked what attracted him most to the College, he replied, “Because, in the academic technology realm, it feels a little like a start-up. The College seems to be trying to identify a future direction for the school, and there is an appetite to try new things and take some risks. I wanted to be part of that process. But it takes patience…” Bill also expressed a strong desire to help faculty understand the affordances technology offers for their teaching and research. As he put it, “They don’t need to be experts in technology, just able to understand what it can or cannot do.” He also spoke to the ease with which he could interact with all kinds of people, in all different levels, regardless of position. “People are accessible here. That wasn’t quite as true in my prior position.”

Outside of work, Bill is looking forward to returning to his doctoral studies at Columbia in Communication and Education, having already completed his course work and comprehensive exams. Now he needs to focus on his pilot project on the Global Classroom, a hybrid graduate course in sustainable development taught in 23 countries, as well as the literature review for his dissertation. He also enjoys skiing and hockey (“I embrace the cold!”), as well as Tuesday beer and burger nights at 51 Main. And the park area in the Marble Works complex is a favorite local spot: “It’s a great place to enjoy a good cigar (preferably Cuban!) and read Emerson!” Welcome to Middlebury, Bill!