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Staff Meeting 1/20/13

January 21, 2013 by Anoushka Sinha

Tonight we announced that Cate Stanton had been selected to join Ryan Brewster on the GROW trip to work with GHI in Rwanda this summer. Congratulations, Cate! Other announcements include:

  • 1/25: At 7:30 pm in Mead Chapel, Martin Luther King, Jr. Keynote Address: Majora Carter (a must-see!)
  • 1/28: Green Corps workshop on social advocacy and organizing events
  • 4/12-4/14: Unite for Site Conference at Yale AND GlobeMed Summit!

For GlobalHealthU, we focused on Classical Liberalism, particularly the view that health is a need, not a right. Importantly, classical liberalism emphasizes economic freedom as the ultimate right that should be pursued and prioritized above all other rights. The second most important “right” would be individual liberties. Is it possible to counter the view offered by classical liberalism that health is not a human right but a “need”? Are the rights upheld in Rwanda with respect to GHI’s community different from those upheld in your own community? Should health as a human right supersede other rights (such as to bear arms), or should all rights be considered equal?

We next went over campaigns. Our annual ski race will not take place over J-term because the Snow Bowl wasn’t available this or next weekend, so we will host the event early in the spring. Also, MCAB will host an Atwater dinner on behalf of GlobeMed next Saturday evening with the theme of sustainable local foods in keeping with our partnership with Gardens for Health International. Look forward to a delicious meal, and remind your friends to bring a couple of bucks for our donation box!

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