Wilson Media Lab, 220 LIB

The Digital Media Bootcamp offers the same workshops that we use in our Digital Media Tutor training during the month of January, and are open, à la carte, to all interested faculty, staff and students. This is the same training that we have been using for the Summer Digital Media Tutor program, plus a few additions based on feedback from last year’s Bootcamp.

The following sessions will introduce the attendees to a wide variety of technologies and uses, including computing practices at Middlebury, concepts and software for developing media, and devices for creating and consuming media. Most sessions will run for 90 minutes and will take place in the Wilson Media Lab in the Davis Family Library.


Adobe Illustrator @ 2:45pm

Date: January 12, 2016

Instructor: Mack Roark - In this workshop, you will learn to use basic editing tools and some fundamental design concepts. The workshop is taught as though it were a class teaching students to design a poster for a class or seminar. It is the same instruction that participants in the Spring Student Seminar receive.

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