The Challenge

Registration for the 2018 Well-being Challenge has closed. You can participate without registration by viewing the weekly challenge pages.

The Middlebury Well-being Challenge takes place over four weeks each spring. Each week, participants will focus on a different type of well-being (i.e. social, physical, spiritual, emotional). Participants will receive an email at the beginning of each week with a list of suggested challenges (activities) and are encouraged to choose one to try. At the end of each week a check-in survey will be sent to participants to learn about which challenges were chosen and how participants are feeling after trying them.

This community challenge is:

  • Completely free
  • Voluntary – register at go/well-beingchallengeregister
  • For everyone – is it open to all employees and students
  • Challenge by choice – you get to choose which challenge(s) you try each week
  • Private – your results are yours to keep and are never tied to your name
  • Completely online – each week your challenge choices  and end-of-the-week surveys are emailed to you
  • Not a competition – it’s about spending some time on your own well-being and signing up to be entered into prize drawings as you wish
  • Quick and easy – you can choose to complete each week’s challenge and follow up survey within minutes
  • About community – this year we will feature a community-focused challenge each week so that participants can choose to come together each week

In addition to direct email prompts, participants may follow the challenge online where each week’s challenges will be posted.  At the end of the four-week challenge, those that have successfully completed the post-challenge questionnaire will be entered into a prize drawing!


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