Psych! We’re just the monitors! We look for and hire new monitors as the old ones graduate (or vanish mysteriously), typically at the beginning of Fall and Spring terms. It’s a blast – join us! Send a résumé and cover letter to climbing@middlebury.edu at any time to be considered for a monitor position in the future.

The current head honcho is the notorious Holton Huntington

Jenn Crandall

Hannah Gellert

Reed Hutton

Maddie Lehner

Hannah Redmon

Celia Ripple

Alec Rogers

Micaela Roy

Thomas Slap

Leif Taranta

Hannah “Notorious” Habermann

Olivia “Nostradamus” Wiggins

Reed “Tee-Ball” Hutton

Ben “Tubas” Sanders

Alex “Roosevelt” Wells

Kiwi “Tyler Sheldon” Sheldon