Staffed entirely by students, open six days a week, the Middlebury climbing wall is Middlebury college’s premiere climbing venue.

The wall is open to people of all abilities. Climbing shoes, harnesses, and chalk (the nuts and bolts of climbing) are all provided free-of-charge. All that is required of you is a hankering to climb!

The wall is located above the Nelson tennis courts in the college’s athletic center (more on how to get there in the where are we page).  The wall itself, a 13-meter-high monument to the fake rock goddesses, was built by EntrePrises in 2001.  The entire arrangement features cave, roof, and overhang sections, with belaying and bouldering options.

Belay climbing at the wall requires a belay certification (bestowed by a monitor – just ask!). Though belay climbing is always an option, monitors will set up top ropes expressly for that purpose from 8 to 9 on Monday evenings.

In regards to our information dissemination methods, we are currently balancing an email list (ask a monitor to add you to it), a facebook page, and this site. Efforts to train these three internet-fish to swim as one are currently underway.


can you spot him? campus legend kiwi sheldon sports a Versace tiger skin at the 2017 climbing comp.