South China Sea WWW Virtual Library – Prof. David Rosenberg

Technologies Used: website:, Google Earth, Google Map, Google News Search, CD
Course: PSCI 214 – International Environmental Politics
Number of Students: 45
Objectives: “To integrate research and teaching, to promote student-faculty collaboration.”

Summary of Poster Session: David Rosenberg and several of his students showed the website that is a resource for students in David’s class as well as the world.  Students helped identify content to link to and contributed content themselves, such as maps.

Anticipated learning outcomes: “Research project reports worth publishing beyond the  classroom.”
Actual learning  outcomes: “a  5-star internet resource on the South China  Sea .”
Conclusions and Reflections: “This is an on-going  process of building a network of interested students, scholars and  policy-makers.”
Will you use this technology again ?: Not  necessarily. If so, what would you do differently?:  Rss feeds and  blogs to facilitate dialog

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