Volunteering at MREMS

Middlebury Regional EMS is the responding agency for Middlebury College, the town of Middlebury, and surrounding towns. Student EMTs can volunteer and train to become attendants as the additional unit on each rig. The Primary Unit contains a Paramedic and EMT or AEMT driver and runs 24 hours a day. The Secondary Unit contains an AEMT or EMT and EMT driver and runs 8:30 to 5:30. Once you have completed your training, you are eligible to work as an attendant.

EMTs are also needed to work concerts, events, and sporting games at the college and in town. If you are interested in helping out contact Teena Betourney.


If you are already affiliated with MREMS, you can sign up for a shift at middlebury.emseschedule.com. If you are affiliated with MREMS but do not know your login information contact MREMS Communications Supervisor Teena Betourney (tbetourney@middleburyems.com). If you are not affiliated with MREMS but hold a national EMT certification, contact Teena.

Other Opportunities

Other opportunities as EMTs include working as a Rugby EMT, paid position, and volunteering at the Open Door Clinic. Rugby EMT applications will be sent out as positions open to all student EMTs affiliated with MREMS. To volunteer at the Open Door Clinic go to http://www.opendoormidd.org.