Middlebury Students Serving with the Middlebury Fire Department



Students from the College have served with honor alongside townspeople in the Middlebury Fire Department (MFD) for decades. In fact, a few have even used their training and experience to become career firefighters. Without exception, students who actively participate in the MFD look back on it as one of the best experiences of their four years in town.


Because students tend to go home in the summer or go abroad for a semester, we currently limit the number of students in the MFD to make sure that fluctuations in their numbers do not leave us short-handed. At this point the quota is five, though this number has been flexible in the past to accommodate the replacement of graduating seniors or other staffing needs.



The MFD expects the same of students as it does of other town residents who choose to serve. There are three components to this commitment: response, training and certification. We expect people to make as many calls as they can. The best way to learn the craft and become comfortable working as a team in potentially hazardous settings is to spend time on-scene and participate, even for the more mundane calls. We also expect our members to make as many of the in-house trainings as possible. These happen twice a month (on the second and the last Wednesdays at 6:30). Lastly, we expect students to complete the Firefighter 1 course in their second year. It is offered at Station One in town and meets Thursday evenings from September to May. This is the same essentials of firefighting course than any career firefighter needs to become certified.


That said, as students, we expect you to always put your school work first. If you have an assignment to finish or an exam to study for, do not respond to calls or come to training.



We recruit students in their first year, train them intensely in their second year and then allow them to grow into the position and responsibility in their third and fourth years. The following table lays out their typical pattern of service.


Year of service Status Expectations Hours per month (expected)
1 Probationary member In-house training.

Turn out for calls, when possible.

Approximately 12-15
2 Member in training In-house training.

Firefighter One.

Turn out for calls, when possible.

Approximately 30-35
3 Full Member In-house training.

Turn out for calls, when possible.

Approximately 15-20
4 Full Member In-house training.

Turn out for calls, when possible.

Approximately 15-20