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Remix [redone]

So. Since I listened to most of remixes already I thought mines was not very directly “political”. This edit is a response to that. I don’t know if I like the abstract message of the first edit or the directness of this one. I felt like I was forced to take more of an opinionated stance on this edit compared to the last one. It still has elements of recontextualization which I am really happy with.


  1. My Body, My Self by Parker Ziegler – [Contemporary piece of media]
  2. Behaved Body by Nicole Cheng – [Contemporary piece of media]
  3. This could be beautiful (it is) by Metronomy – [Contemporary piece of media]
  4. La Seine – French Language School (1953) – [Middlebury Archives]
  5. Drum Solo by TorontoDrummer (soundcloud) – [Contemporary piece of media]
  6. Donald Trump on Angry Babies
  7. Sarah Silverman on being PC
  8. Political Correctness Puzzles Police – Studio C
  9. Excerpt from “Kids In The Hall” (1993)


  1. Rocks Thrown at Steel Beam – [Non-musical]
  2. Ross Dining Hall [Ambient] – [Non-musical]
  3. Removing Tree Bark – [Non-musical]
  4. Stomping on metal water draining vessel – [Non-musical]
  5. Hard Breathing – [Non-musical]


[Feel free to grade either…(the other version that was submitted on time or this edit)]

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