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Put The Camera Through Things – Final Project


The Human Voice

Remix [redone]

So. Since I listened to most of remixes already I thought mines was not very directly “political”. This edit is a response to that. I don’t know if I like the abstract message of the first edit or the directness of this one. I felt like I was forced to take more of an opinionated […]


Borrowed: My Body, My Self by Parker Ziegler¬†– [Contemporary piece of media] Behaved Body by Nicole Cheng¬†– [Contemporary piece of media] This could be beautiful (it is) by Metronomy – [Contemporary piece of media] La Seine – French Language School (1953) – [Middlebury Archives] Drum Solo by TorontoDrummer (soundcloud) – [Contemporary piece of media] Original: […]

Response to Chion Reading

How does one evaluate art without context and meaning of the piece? This is a question posed at “reduced listening”. We are limited by our language. One can evaluate how a piece of sound makes one feel , but is this feeling not greatly enhanced after context of the sound is unveiled? This strikes a […]

Steel Beams Under Atwater Dining [Microphone Tests]

Events: In the following order: Omnidirectional Mic Location 1, Hypercardoid Mic Location 1, Omnidirectional Mic Location 2, Hypercardoid Mic Location 2. Sound: Hitting the steel beams under atwater dining with the same side of a shale rock. Different temporal events for each recording, the same beam for each respective location, the same rock for every recording.

Technical Difficulties [Horizontal Arrangment-Exercise 2]