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Monthly Archive for October, 2008

Protagonist in The Prestige

You know, I’ve thought about this all weekend, and I couldn’t decide my answer to the question posed at the end of class on Thursday (Who is the protagonist?) until I finished reading Bordwell’s “Three Dimensions of Narrative Film.” On page 90, Bordwell lays out a series of statements that generally categorize who a protagonist […]

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Good Ole Barty Fink

After perusing Aaron and Leslie’s blog posts about Barton Fink, particularly Aaron’s point concerning the impossibility of separating the objective fabula from the subjective, I remembered a website that I found when looking for help to uncover the truth behind Barton Fink, and I figured that I would pass it on to the class.  I’ve […]

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Research Paper Ideas

The first idea that came to mind directly relates to the readings we’ve had to read for this week’s class: Voice-over narration in Film Noirs and Neo-noirs.  I conceived of this idea before reading the Kozloff article and then realizing that on the first page of his article he basically outlines the type of paper […]

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Musings on Slant and Filter

The notion of slant and filter as defined in Chapman’s article has sunk in quite a bit, but there are some instances in films that we’ve seen where I try to apply the terms and just get plain old befuddled.  So we’re all on the same page, let me copy down the definitions Chapman provides: […]

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Color Motif and the Sixth Sense

Being prompted by Professor Mittell to engage with the play between syuzhet and style, I stared at and scruntized the screen and discovered one thing: RED is everywhere in The Sixth Sense.  Bordwell speaks at length to the relationship between syuzhet and style, stating that “Film technique is customarily used to perform syuzhet tasks – […]

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