Interested in working with a community partner for a year in Asia, Africa or Latin America? Committed to cross-cultural exchange and learning about life in other communities? These programs offer graduating seniors and recent grads the opportunity to work many different areas (e.g. education, sustainability, peace and justice, economic development, public health) with community partners in many different countries. Language knowledge is some cases is not required (but you’ll be learning it as part of the program!). Applications open in August or September and close in October or November depending on the program. Application fee waivers are available for students with high financial need. The fellowships office is also happy to review application essays with you. For more information, see the program websites: (and you can sign up for webinars scheduled for 8/15 and 9/19!)

(Note that there are some costs associated with these non-profit programs, but some expenses may be reimbursed by community partners as well. Questions about that should be directed to the program.)