Middlebury College was again named a Top Producer of Fulbrights with seven graduates offered US Student Fulbright grants for 2022-2023. Read more in the Newsroom.

Students and alumni interested in applying for the 2024-2025 Fulbright grant cycle can complete a preliminary application at go/fulbright . You can also set up a time to meet with Dean Gates at go/appt . Check out the US Student Fulbright website at https://us.fulbrightonline.org/ . The next competition cycle opens in April!

Applications are open for a 10-week research experience that will allow undergraduates the chance to work alongside experienced faculty mentors and explore pressing aerospace problems at Embry-Riddle.

The Interdisciplinary Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program provides total immersion into all aspects of laboratory work along with other enrichment activities. Students receive a $5,000 stipend, with their housing and meals covered.

During the REU program, students will use our leading-edge laboratories to conduct multidisciplinary research in aerospace engineering, chemistry and applied space biology with a goal of improving future space materials science and human diagnostic technology.

The research will be housed in Embry-Riddle’s College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering, with most of the College of Engineering research done in labs at the MicaPlex, an incubator for innovative new companies and the cornerstone building of the university’s renowned Research Park.

If want to do hands-on research with the potential to shape your future while making a real difference in the aerospace industry, apply today!

Postgraduate Taught Global Excellence Scholarships for Postgraduate Taught (Masters) degrees support international students wishing to develop their academic potential and contribute to the thriving University community of students and staff from over 140 countries. Scholarships available: A range of £5,000, £10,000 and full scholarships are on offer. Application online at: https://www.exeter.ac.uk/study/funding/globalexcellence/form-2023/ Deadline is April 21, 2023 for programs beginning in fall 2023.

Eligibility requirements

You can apply for one of these scholarships if you:

  • are classified as an International student for fees purposes, and
  • already hold an offer for an eligible Postgraduate taught degree at the University of Exeter, commencing in September 2023.
  • If you are yet to make your Masters programme application then please visit our Postgraduate taught study pages for September 2023 entry. 

Webinars for prospective students about specific programs and how to make a strong application:

MA/MSt in Archeology: Friday 2/24 16:00GMT, Get your ticket here: https://tinyurl.com/masters-archaeology
MA in History: Friday 2/24 18:00GMT, Get your ticket here: https://tinyurl.com/masterclass-MAHistory

University of Exeter Global Excellence Scholarship recipients are selected on:

  • Academic merit, based on the information you have supplied in your programme application.  
  • The ability to demonstrate the following as part of the application process: academic ambition; future career ambitions; a genuine need for the scholarship and how this will support your ambitions; a sense of social responsibility and willingness to engage with the Exeter community.  

How to apply

To be considered for one of these scholarships, once you have your offer, please apply using the webform here

The Voyager Scholarship–the Obama-Chesky Scholarship for Public Service is open: January 25, 2023 through March 22, 2023 3:00 pm Central Time

What is it? The Voyager Scholarship helps students pursuing careers in public service by providing access to travel and education. Benefits include:

  • Financial aid up to $50,000
  • Summer Voyage: With a budget of $10,000, students will design their own summer voyage between their junior and senior year of college. The experience will allow students to pursue internships or mentorship opportunities anywhere in the world that will broaden their horizons and prepare them for careers in public service. Students will also be able to stay in homes on Airbnb using credits provided by Airbnb.
  • 10-year travel stipend: After graduation, Airbnb will provide the students with a $2,000 travel credit every year for 10 years, totaling $20,000.
  • Fall Summit: students will be invited to a summit to help define and inspire their public service journey.
  • A network of leaders: students will be invited to an ongoing speaker series, giving them access to a network of leaders. This network of leaders will expose them to new areas of service and innovations happen

Have questions? Read our FAQ sheet for more information.

Applicants to the Voyager Scholarship must:

  • Plan to enroll full-time in their junior year of study at an accredited four-year college or university in the United States (including U.S. Territories) in Fall 2023. Eligible students are finishing their sophomore year in Spring 2023 and will be considered juniors based on total number of credits earned at their institution by Fall 2023. (Students transferring from a two-year to a four-year college as juniors for the 2023-2024 academic year are eligible.)
  • Have four (4) semesters or six (6) quarters of full-time academic coursework remaining before graduating
  • Have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or equivalent
  • Have demonstrated a commitment to public service
  • Plan to pursue a career in public service upon graduation*
  • Be a United States (U.S.) citizen, U.S. permanent resident (holder of a Permanent Resident Card), or an individual granted deferred action status under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA)

*We have a broad definition of public service, which includes careers in government, non-profits or the private sector. A career in public service includes a range of occupations—from community organizing to social work and from entrepreneurship to the arts—all committed to solving our biggest challenges together.

Samvid Scholarship Overview 

Samvid Scholars is a merit-based graduate scholarship and leadership program for changemakers. Samvid Scholars was established in 2021 by Samvid Ventures to invest in the graduate education of future leaders who are committed to effecting positive change in society. 

The Samvid Scholars program supports up to $50,000 per year for two years of graduate study. In addition to funding for their graduate program, each Scholar will receive two years of leadership development programming to support them to continue to fulfill their extraordinary potential. For example, our 2022 cohort has participated in an annual summer conference, regional dinner on campus, peer discussion groups, and seminars led by the Aspen Institute. 

An eligible candidate will:   

  • Pursue a full-time graduate program of 2 years or longer at a university in the United States, in one of the following eligible programs: MD, MBA, JD, MPP/MPA, MPH, or MS/MA in the social sciences or STEM
  • Be a first-year graduate student for the 2023-2024 academic year   
  • Have an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.5   
  • Be a U.S. citizen or DACA recipient  

For more details of the program, please visit our website. There, you can also view recording of a recent Samvid Scholars info session, which provides an overview of the curriculum and relevant information for advisors supporting prospective applicants. Application opens Feb.13 and closes April 9, 2023.

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