1. Good to see the Republicans spend this much time on foreign policy.

    Disappointed to see that they are mostly neo cons.

  2. Well, Cruz didn’t exactly rule out all waterboarding – he’d just put it under stricter control. My read is he certainly feels it can be used, and it is not torture. Which happens to be what most Republican voters think too.

  3. Bush and the 10th amendment. Refreshing.

    Christy has a compassionate answer on drug addiction. should resonate in NH (and Vt)

  4. Jack,

    At the Christie event I went to, he led with a story about a friend who was a drug addict, and how he benefited from treatment. It’s a big part of his stump speech.

  5. I guess I’m not – at least not with Bush and Rubio. Note that they qualified it by saying there is no draft!

  6. Good question to Cruz on ransoming hostages. Cruz shows how smart he is by carefully explaining the problem. Nothing new, but well thought out.

  7. Bush just missed a great opportunity on abortion…the exceptions which he supports and Rubio does not. In NH I suspect Bush’s position is far more acceptable.

    Christy picks up the ball and goes at Rubio.

  8. Jack – I agree completely, but I think NH voters might have been able to read between the lines of Bush’s answer to see that it was an attack on Rubio’s no exception position.

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