1. Glad to see the blog is up, and from the Karl Rove Crossroads Cafe nonetheless! I was under 21 for all of the debates and election nights during my time at Middlebury, so someone there should buy you a beer and send me the bill!

  2. Wish I was at the grille! Tuning in and already thinking there’s a more lively intellectual debate

  3. At the end of the debate I’d be curious as to the distribution of talk time among the candidates.

  4. Hilary is running for the general election. She’s relaxed cause she knows no one on stage can challenge her.

    She’s also much more prepped for tonight. She’s got an answer for everything.

  5. O’Malley will get the “debate bump” I suspect. Bernie gained little and lost little. Hilary made herself more appealing to Bernie supporters when it’s clear he can’t win.

  6. Agree with you re: Bernie – he certainly held his own, and his core group have to applaud his performance, but it’s not clear he expanded his support.

  7. I think Hillary Clinton won the debate on the right issues facing our country and the economy and for the presidential candidate.

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