1. Carly Fiorina is answering questions very eloquently and getting good applause from the audience. I see her rising!

  2. Elsa,

    It’s always hard to tell what moves the dial during these debates. Cogent answers don’t always seem to matter as much as we might hope.

  3. Every single question starts with “So and so said ‘…….’ what do you think?” Every single question is formed to create a fight. Shame. When two people actually answer the question, they move on to another one!

  4. Elsa – Absolutely right. Clearly Tapper thinks personal fights will drive ratings more than substantive discussion.

  5. As tempting as Seinfeld is, I’m still watching…though incredibly tired of The Donald. And Jake Tapper’s sense of timing.

  6. Considering ISIS is becoming such a problem, I imagine 9/11 is resonating with primary voters. We’ve been at war for roughly 14 years (over half my life) now based on that one event orchestrated by a similar organization.

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