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Fassenacht in Meenz II — The Guards’ Parade

Dear Readers –

as promised, here are impressions from Sunday’s Parade of the Guards! On Sunday morning, clear blue skies and sunshine greeting all small and large Fassenachters ….





gathering to watch the Fassenachts-Guards who came through, some on big horses……




some on small……………….




some on foot …….





some playing music…..




and all determined to make this day fun, to show their colors and to chase everybody lacking a sense of humor out of the city’s boundaries. As on the previous day, it was very obvious that Fassenacht unites the old and the young, the born Mainzers and the grown Mainzers as everybody joins each other for a dreifach donnerndes Mainz, Helau! Helau! Helau!


Author: Heike Fahrenberg

Associate Professor and Director, Middlebury School in Germany

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