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Fassenacht in Meenz III: Rosemonday

Dear reader,

as in every year, we watched the Rosemonday Parade from Rheinstra├če’s windows.





Since it was a cold day, we took turns at the window and kept warm with coffee, tea, potato salad, hot sausages, Kreppel, Bretzel and Sweets.




Running from 11.11 a.m. to about 4.30 p.m., the parade boasted countless participants, and a large number of floats commenting on local and world politics. Whoever was around when Obama was elected the first time, surely remembered that the float of that year showed a tiny Obama picking up a huge Statue of Liberty. Now, with his second term ending soon, the Mainzers seem less optimistic……. ;o)




Yes, you should have been here. For those interested in more pictures, we’ll be establishing a gallery soon.

All the best from Mainz, the city that only puts the costumes away on Ashwednesday – not its sense of humor!

Helau to all –







Author: Heike Fahrenberg

Associate Professor and Director, Middlebury School in Germany

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