infoMania… podcastic!

So I only follow a handful of podcasts and they all happen to be video podcasts, but the one that I think is most relevant to this class would me the infoMania podcast.  Upon doing some wikipedia research on the podcast, I actually discovered that the podcast airs as a 30 minute show on the Current Channel, but I think it is still applicable to analyze it at a podcast.

The podcast consists of clips from television and the internet.  There is a host, Connor Knighton, who goes through the clips that cover current events in politics, entertainment, and general pop culture.  The show has a similar format to shows like The Soup or The Daily Show, however it seems to have a slightly younger, more media/internet/viral savvy feel to it, especially considering that much of the content is found by internet users and bloggers.

What I found very interesting about the podcast however was the channel Current that it airs on.  Again, after doing more wikipedia research I found out that Current is a semi-premium channel that was actually founded by Al Gore.  What is cool about the show is that they have programming geared towards a younger audience interested in current events, but they also air segments submitted by viewers.  Users upload 3-7 minute “pods” onto the website and then other users and Current programming department pick which ones go on air.  The whole thing sounds really cool with viewer-submitted content (almost like a more corporate version of Paper Tiger).

Anyway… check out the podcast (or the show or whatever), it’s got a lot of cool segments like “White Hot: top five lists of itunes” and “Viral Video Film School” and great current clips.  Watch it!


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