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UP! in the Air

UP! in the Air

So after our day with photoshop, one of my blogs suggested that I check out some of the movie mating going on at Worth1000.com.  I included an example of one of the ones I thought was the best, but apparently every year they take in fan submissions for mashed up movie posters (i.e. UP! + Up in the Air = UP! in the Air).  I think a lot of them are very funny (while others really are not), but I thought this was a cool example of fan-made material which I think is a subject we are going to be covering in class later in the semester.

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    Mark, as you said, even just a few days after seeing the photoshop tutorial that we got, I too am picking up on little things that are altered but not exactly obvious. I really like the poster and think that it is a great “mashup” as we are going to talk about soon. When I think about mashups, I think about Girltalk and Milkman but in reality they are incorporated into every medium that we look at. Even the cover of a magazine is a mashup of many different ideas and pictures. I haven’t seen UP! but I think that by the end of Up In The Air, George Clooney is also all too ready to just get in a hot air balloon and float away.



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