Clinton Foundation Summer 2016 Internships – Deadline 2/28

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 4.45.50 PMATTENTION: Deadline for Summer 2016 Clinton Foundation Internships – February 28, 2016

The Clinton Foundation is excited to receive applications for internships at the Clinton Foundation!

They divide their available internships into five functions:

  1. Programs and Initiatives (climate/environment, education, food systems, girls & women, health, leadership, market-based approaches, response & resilience)
  2. Communications (communications/marketing, correspondence, graphic design, multimedia, web development)
  3. Logistics (event production, fundraising, in-house operations, special ops)
  4. Technology (data management, graphic design, information technology, multimedia, web development)
  5. Clinton Presidential Center (communications, educational programs, volunteers & visitor services)

Within each function there are specific areas of interest and within each area of interest there are specific departments (see our available internships). The application requires that you (1) choose your areas of interest and (2) prioritize your departments of choice in your short essay. Please review the options and be prepared with your selections before beginning the application process.

There are also a few interesting entry-level jobs, but don’t trust me, check them out yourself!:

Internship Terms and Application Deadlines
  • Summer: ​​Deadline – February 28. Term – early June through late August.

See more at:

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