Join Bill Mckibben (founder of the grassroots climate campaign in Ira Allen Chapel at UVM campus on OCtober 13. was born in Vermont almost five years ago, and though this global climate campaign now stretches out across the globe, operating in every country but North Korea.  

 So I’m going to ask a favor. We’re getting ready to do a huge roadshow around America, beginning the night after the election. Before we go out on the road in November for 20 cities in 20 nights, we need to make sure we’ve got this production down pat. It’s not just me giving a speech—it’s going to be as multi-media as we can make it. So we hoped you’d come to Ira Allen Chapel at the UVM campus on October 13 to give it a look. We’ll be doing a test run, co-sponsored by the UVM Environmental Program. It won’t be polished; it will be fun.

We’re calling it Do the Math tour—the “math” comes from this piece I wrote for Rolling Stone this summer, which went unexpectedly viral. It shows that the fossil fuel companies are planning to burn five times the carbon that even the most conservative scientists and governments think is safe. We need to stop them, so we’re going to try and rally a divestment campaign, like the one that helped in the fight against apartheid a generation ago—we’ll need campuses and churches and pension funds getting out of the fossil fuel stocks that are wrecking our future.

  if you come, and if we can convince you, then we really need you to go to work hard in this year to build the kind of pressure on the fossil fuel industry that might matter. These guys care only about money, so if we’re going to reach them we’re going to have to try and take some of it away. You’ll get the first look at how on October 13.

Will you join us? Click here to buy tickets.  Tickets are cheap and limited, so reserve your spot now. Then make sure your friends get a chance to join us by sharing the event on Facebook.

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