Volunteering opportunity with Santi School Project (SSP)

Santi School Project (SSP) is volunteer run non-profit based in Maryland. All of SSP’s projects are based in Nepal, where SSP is registered as Shanti Education Initiative Nepal (SEI Nepal). SSP strives to improve the standard of education in rural Nepal holistically by providing infrastructure support, resources and educational materials, and teacher training.  You can learn more about SSP

here : http://santischool.org/.

Founded in 2006, SSP so far has built a new school and renovated several public schools in rural Nepal. They regularly place capable and enthusiastic individuals in our partner schools to teach English and conduct fun/educational activities for children.

” Our volunteering teachers bring something new to our classrooms and offer a unique perspective that can open children’s mind.   Volunteers also get a chance to immerse in rural Nepali life and learn about new culture and people. ”      Mahesh Dahal ’10

You can find more about volunteering with us in our website (http://santischool.org/volunteers/) or in this brochure:



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