Paid Addison County Anti-Poverty Internships – Deadline 3/7

These four internships offer a meaningful opportunity to spend summer fighting poverty in Vermont. This year the internships will take place at the John Graham Homeless Shelter, Middlebury Transitional Care Coalition Farm-To-Plate program, HOPE, and the Addison County Council Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.

Middlebury Community Care Coalition, Inc. (MCCC) – Farm-to-Plate Intern: MCCC is a volunteer, non-profit providing basic food and housing for local residents who need assistance. Community Lunch and Community Supper together provide over 18,000 meals each year, and with the participation of the Nash farm, as well as church, student and community organizations, MCCC is ready to launch Farm-to-Plate as its fifth ongoing program in collaboration with the Nash Farm. Through this program the intern will learn both the structure and challenges of food production/distribution/storage and the stresses faced by individuals/families trying to overcome poverty. Internship duties will range from developing a conceptual structure for managing the farm’s output to planting, harvesting, and coordinating meals at the Lunch and Supper programs with the produce. Internship Dates: May 28 – August 3, 2012

John Graham Homeless Shelter
The John W. Graham Emergency Shelter has provided food, shelter and hope to homeless individuals and families for thirty-one years. The Shelter offers its services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to individuals and families with children. Many are the hardest to house including survivors of abuse, violence and rape; people with disabilities; people in recovery; and people suffering with mental illness. The John Graham Shelter summer intern will be a key team player in providing food, shelter and hope to Addison County’s homeless population, with a special emphasis on helping the Shelter to launch its community mentor program. Internship Dates: June 11 – August 17, 2012

HOPE is a private 501(c)(3) organization whose is “to reduce the effects of poverty in Addison County.” Core programs have always included the provision of food, clothing and household items, heat and housing. The intern will serve as an Assistant in a Local Food Access Program, which is intended to strengthen connections between farmers, food shelves and low income persons; to continue to increase the amount of local, healthy food available to those who typically cannot obtain it; to increase market opportunities for farmers; to educate people on the harvest, preservation and preparation of produce; and to provide opportunities for low income persons and others to participate in a project that will provide benefit to a wide range of people and will promote new community relationships. Internship Dates: June 11 – August 17, 2012

Addison County Council Against Domestic and Sexual Violence: ACCADSV is a collaborative group of AC agencies and organizations that work together to prevent domestic and sexual violence through education and closing gaps amongst providers. Our mission is to promote and enhance the safety and well-being of all members of the Addison County Community. The intern will work with community agencies to engage and educate community members in projects including teen-center outreach, data collection, and other community programs. Internship Dates: June 11 – August 17, 2012

How do I apply?
Find our more information and apply through MOJO! Log in and search for “Middlebury College Civic Engagement” under Midd-friendly Internships and follow the instructions to submit a cover letter, resume, transcript (can be unofficial), and two letters of recommendation. Applications are due on March 7, 2012. Interviews will be held in mid-March and successful applicants will be notified before spring break.

What if I have questions?
Attend one of the two information sessions:
Tues., February 28, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. and Wednesday, February 29th at 12:15 p.m. in the Center for Education in Action (EIA) Library in Adirondack House
OR Contact Ashley Calkins,
Contact Tim Mosehauer ( or ext. 5105) about MOJO.

Interns will earn $8.70 per hour, 35 hours per week. Students can choose to reside on campus for $100 per week, meal plan included.

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