Fellowships and Grants

Announcing a New Resource!

It is called Foundation Grants to Individuals Online. This database includes detailed descriptions of more than 8,300 foundation programs that fund students and other individual grant seekers.  CSO has purchased a subscription, however only 1 student can be logged in at a time.  If you attempt to sign in and you are blocked, please patiently wait and try again later.  Remember, to log out when you are done!

To access the database, log on to the Midd-Only Resources section of the CSO website (http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/resources/cso/students/resources/middonly)
We also have a great resource called the Student Fellowships and Scholarships Office, as well as the Student Funding Database (which you can find on their main website and in the Midd-Only Resources)

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