5 PAID Midd-friendly internships

New Millennium Fund PAID internships in Vermont, California and Washington D.C.!

  • Wetland Greenhouse Assistant and Intern (Deadline: April 15)
  • Research and Operations Assistant (Deadline: April 15)
  • Project Analyst Summer Intern (Deadline: April 1)
  • Project Fund Coordinator (Deadline: April 18)
  • Marketing Assistant (Deadline: April 12)

Vermont Wetland Plant Supply, Orwell, VT

Vermont Wetland Plant Supply, LLC grows and sells herbaceous wetland plants for the stormwater and ecological restoration industries. By the end of the summer, the intern will have gained experience in greenhouse management, familiarity with propagation techniques, and business development. If you enjoy getting your hands dirty, growing plants, and working in the outdoors, this internship is for you!

Position: Wetland Greenhouse Assistant and Intern

Deadline: April 15

Choose Responsibility, Washington, DC

Founded by former Middlebury College President, John McCardell, this organization encourages honest discussion about the drinking age and America’s culture of consumption. Intern here and work towards social change!

Position: Research and Operations Intern

Deadline: April 15

Encore Redevelopment, Burlington, VT

Encore Redevelopment specializes in investment, project management and consulting services related to real estate acquisition and development, with a focus on environmentally challenged sites and infill development strategies.  If you have GIS and analytical skills, this internship is for you!

Position: Project Analyst Intern

Deadline: April 1

Information Session: Wednesday, March 31, MBH 104, 5:00pm

Brighter Planet, San Francisco, CA

This environmental start-up—the brainchild of two Middlebury students—offers ordinary citizens tangible ways to offset their carbon footprints through its Brighter Planet credit and check cards, provided in partnership with Bank of America. In 2008, its first full year of operation, Brighter Planet helped 100,000 people offset their carbon footprints.

Positions: Project Fund Coordinator (Intern)

Deadline: April 18

American Retroworks, Middlebury, VT

This fast-growing, 25-person company, specializes in end-of-life solutions and reuse for electronic waste. We are scaling up our in-house trade systems with the goal of developing a Standard which we can apply efficiently and effectively as we broker material from other companies (think, “fair trade certified”). This is a unique opportunity to be involved in industry-leading policy in a “green” field from the comfort of Vermont. In addition to a living stipend, the there is a high likelihood for international travel (expenses paid).

Position: Marketing Assistant (Intern)

Deadline: April 12

Got your attention? Go to www.middmojo.com for more information about the organizations, internship responsibilities, and application instructions.

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