Environmental Studies Fellowships

logo_epasealDo you have an interest in Environmental Studies? Under the National Network for Environmental Management Studies (NNEMS) program, a range of fellowship activities are offered to help students increase their knowledge of environmental issues while refining their professional skills. Each year, the NNEMS program offers approximately 30-40 fellowships, developed and sponsored by EPA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. and in EPA’s 10 regional offices and laboratories throughout the United States. The projects are specifically narrow in scope, allowing students to complete the fellowship while working full-time at EPA during the summer or part-time during the school year. Typically, the research is conducted at an EPA office or laboratory, although other arrangements can be made in certain circumstances.
Detailed descriptions of the fellowships are provided in the annual NNEMS Catalog. The catalog is available online at www.epa.gov/education/students.html.
The research projects are organized among four key areas:

  • Environmental Policy, Regulation, and Law
  • Environmental Management and Administration
  • Environmental Science
  • Public Relations and Communications

For more information, look at the brochure, the fellowship catalog, or check out the NNEMS website.

In recognition of the growing interest in environmental issues and careers, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established the  NNEMS Fellowship Program in 1986 to encourage students to pursue environmental careers. The NNEMS program is a comprehensive fellowship program that provides students an opportunity to participate in a fellowship project that is directly related to their field of study. The NNEMS program is sponsored by the Environmental Education Division in EPA’s Office of Children’s Health Protection and Environmental Education.

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