Looking to Boost Your Resume w/Renewable Energy Experience?

Three (3) new spring 2010 post-graduate internships (FEBs can apply and undergraduates with high GPAs are encouraged to apply too) are being offered through Charlotte-based NativeEnergy, which is an internationally recognized provider of high quality carbon offsets and renewable energy credits (RECs). They enable customers to support the construction of clean renewable projects and build sustainable economies for Native Americans, family farmers and local communities. Their clients include many prominent organizations, such as Clean Air‐Cool Planet, the Natural Resource Defense Council, “An Inconvenient Truth,” Ben & Jerry’s, Stonyfield Farm, and Clif Bar. The NativeEnergy team is fast‐paced and growing quickly to meet the rising challenges of global warming and fossil fuel dependence.

The 3 positions are: Marketing Intern, Supply Intern, and Web Programming Intern

Internships Details-
Start Date: January 2010
End Date: May 2010
Part time: Part-time, flexible schedule
Internships at NativeEnergy are entirely voluntary (unpaid) and awarded on a competitive basis.

To view the description of the positions, click below:

Web Programming Internship Description
Marketing Internship Description
Supply Internship Description

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